Transform Your Pipeline SCADA System For The Future.

Based on best practices and more than 20 years of software evolution at Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP), Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G), Genesis Pipeline, and other gas, liquid, and product pipeline companies worldwide, the EvolutionSCADA™ Management and Control System can be configured to meet your requirements now and in the future.

With its open, industry-standard architecture, fully configurable pipeline management applications and comprehensive toolkit, this system can be updated on demand to meet new operating requirements and evolved indefinitely to keep pace with changes in technology.

You can change operating systems, replace old hardware, and integrate new applications as needed — without starting over with a whole new control system platform, risking new development, or retraining staff. No other pipeline control system offers more flexibility or a longer track record for system migration.  You’ll never get left behind!

“There are so many functions built into this system you can create almost any application without programming. You build a database and displays and you’re done.” Joe Donovan, System Operator, PSE&G