Optimizing Open Pipeline SCADA Solutions Since 1986.

The EvolutionSCADA Management and Control System was first developed at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) in 1986 and further developed with Rolls-Royce in a joint partnership called Data Systems and Solutions (DS&S) in 1999. In 2002, the system was purchased by the original system developers and founders of EvolutionSCADA, where it continues to evolve to meet new pipeline management and control system requirements today.

Strategic partners with Alstom, leading supplier of SCADA systems and applications worldwide, EvolutionSCADA has worked with Alstom's real time control system platform since its first release in 1980. This long-standing partnership allows us to provide a pipeline management and control system solution unmatched by any other supplier in the industry and fully supported by a multi-talented team of experts capable of meeting even the most stringent technical and business requirements.

"It was a Cadillac system when it was first installed here in 1996, and it still is — even compared to systems coming out now."