Discover the Optimal Solution For Your Operational Problems.

Now operators will have the information and insight they need to manage the pipeline proactively, with more ease and fewer errors using these and other unique tools from EvolutionSCADA:

  • Watch pipeline events unfold in instant replay to accelerate troubleshooting or to fine tune operations for better performance and profit with Evolution PlayBack.™
  • Track changes, troubleshoot alarms, and visualize pipeline operations more clearly on dynamic graphic displays in Evolution Trending.™
  • Prevent potentially damaging control requests with the only flow path verification tool capable of analyzing bi-directional flow, Evolution FlowSafe.™
  • Sample historical data any way you want for training sessions, troubleshooting, trending analysis and more through Evolution History.™

"This system was built for automation. It's eliminated a lot of manual activity from the workload so we can focus more on system monitoring and operate proactively."