Optimize Pipeline Operations Without Changing A Thing.

Your operators shouldn’t have to learn new tricks to operate a pipeline system they already know like the backs of their hands. With the Optimus SCADA™ system from EvolutionSCADA, they won’t have to. Our off-the-shelf, as-built pipeline SCADA system can be configured to support any requirements you have for communicating with devices, converting and displaying field data, setting limits, acknowledging alarms, monitoring equipment performance, and performing other operating procedures just as you do now.

Communicate in any scan mode with any intelligent field device over any popular link. Model complex devices, such as 15-head meters in a single point. Convert field input data in any format with no limits on the size or number of strapping tables. View tank levels and limits in numeric format, gray code format or both. Choose from a wide variety of Quality and State Codes and configure them any way you like. Define alarms to look and feel familiar without reprogramming, and more.

"We kept the general nomenclature in the new alarms system the same as our old one, so we didn't have to teach those old dogs new tricks." Frank Falkowski, Gas Operations Supervisor, PSE&G