View Pipeline Operations Like Never Before.

The EvolutionSCADA Management and Control System includes a fully configurable suite of applications for planning, monitoring, and operating pipelines.  All these applications flow together seamlessly to simplify use and streamline operations while dynamic graphic displays help operators visualize the pipeline more clearly for optimum safety, efficiency, and profit.

By simply selecting poke points, you can move between applications and navigate displays using familiar user interface features, such as scroll, pan, and zoom for optimal pipeline viewing. You don’t have to learn to use different menus, tools, or features for different applications.

Even information incorporated from third-party applications or downloaded from the corporate computer is viewed through the same user interface to keep operations simple.

Choose from two application packages for natural gas or liquid pipelines.

"Even new operators with no experience are quick to grasp the system. We've probably reduced training time by 30%." Amos Simoncelli, Oil Movements Supervisor, LOOP