Natural Gas Applications Fully Configured To Your Requirements.

Our fully configurable suite of natural gas delivery applications includes Daily Sendout Allocation, Model Day Worksheet, Gas Day Accounting, Gas Composition Analysis, Gas Contract Management, Temperature Sendout Graph, Natural Gas Worksheet, Vendor Flow Comparisons, Weather Forecast/History, Maximum/Minimum Pressure and Flow Log, and Gas Flow Correction Factors/AGA Calculations.

  • Compare the current sendout profile with similar past days to refine your forecast using the Model Day Worksheet.
  • View supply versus demand dynamically in Daily Sendout Allocation.
  • Sample historical data any way you want through Evolution History™.
  • Compare station flows to rate-to-go calculations to optimize controls, study pressure values to identify potential regulator problems and more with Evolution Trending™.

"You can customize the toolbar to your operations, configure the system to suit your work processes, and get exactly what you want."